What Does Jerry Renault Want?

Does Jerry want to fight with janza Why or why not?

Does Jerry want to fight with Janza? Why or why not? p. 201 – “he didn’t want to fight for the same reason he wasn’t selling the chocolates – he wanted to make his own decisions, do his own thing, like they said.”

Why does Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates?

Why does Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates? Initially Jerry refuses to sell the chocolates because The Vigils tell him too. After the ten days are up, something in him does not allow him to accept the chocolates.

Who does Jerry fight in the chocolate war?

He realizes that somebody is really out to get him. Soon after, Jerry is brutally attacked by Emile Janza and ten other guys. That night, he considers asking his dad to help him, but decides against it. Somebody tries to push him down the stairs at school.

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Did Jerry die in the chocolate war?

We know from the sequel, Beyond the Chocolate War (1985), that Jerry does indeed survive. But, author Robert Cormier definitely wants us to think that Jerry might have died. The hero will die!” As we read on, the line seems like hyperbole (which is a fancy word for exaggeration).

Why does Obie feel triumphant?

What does Obie feel about triumphant? He realized that Archie is vulnerable when he said “asking” to Renault. Costello is scared when he uses that word (it damages his power).

How does Archie feel when Carter criticizes him?

Carter’s actions put Archie at a disadvantage. How does Archie feel when criticized by Carter? Surprised because he had the power to command people to do what he wants until Carter chose to go against one of the rules which technically made him like a rebel.

Why does Brother Leon blame Archie?

This made everyone outraged, even Brother Leon and the Vigils. Why does Brother Leon telephone Archie? He’s telling Archie that there is a big problem with the chocolate sale, and it’s Archie’s fault. Archie isn’t doing a good job of motivating people to sell.

How does Brother Leon threaten Archie?

Leon suggests that The Vigils make Jerry sell his chocolates, and “throw their full weight behind the sale.” Leon threatens Archie and says, ” if the sale goes down the drain, you and The Vigils also go down the drain. ”

How does Jerry feel after he refuses to take the chocolates what images fill his mind in the night?

How does Jerry feel after he refuses to take the Chocolates? Jerry feels unsure why he refused to take the Chocolates. It makes him not be able to sleep at night, the image in Jerry’s head is of death, and what happens in the human body when people die. Jerry takes the compliment/ still refuses the Chocolates.

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What is so important that Jerry has to tell goober?

Jerry tells the Goober what he has realized—that it is best to just do what they ask and not to disturb the universe.

How does Archie feel about Brother Leon?

First he realizes that Brother Leon is sweating and nervous. When Archie sees this a bit of insight falls into place for him regarding Brother Leon and most adults – “they were vulnerable, running scared, open to invasion.”

How old is Jerry in The Chocolate War?

In a lot of ways, fourteen-year-old Jerry Renault is a pretty typical teen. He’s trying to make quarterback and to do well in school. He’s also trying his best to be a good son to his recently widowed father.

What happened to Jerry’s mother?

Jerry’s mother left home and died. His father died soon after. He was raised by an aunt.

How does Jerry feel after touchdown?

How does Jerry feel after the touchdown play? Jerry feels absulute bliss and happiness. Jerry is excited and happy when his football practice ends because he is happy that the coach is finally liking him.

How does the story finish the Chocolate War?

As he is waiting for the ambulance he tells his only friend, The Goober, not to disturb the universe—that it is not worth it. The book ends as Archie displays no remorse for the past, and Jerry no hope for the future.

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