Readers ask: When Is The New Renault Captur Out?

Is there a new Renault Captur coming out?

So in 2020 a new model was introduced, and Renault has got the basics right by ensuring the latest Captur remains relativel good value, with prices starting at just over £20,000 and rising to around £32,000 for the top-spec plug-in hybrid version.

When did the new Renault Captur come out?

Second generation (JB/JE; 2020) The second-generation Captur debuted in July 2019. It is based on the newer CMF-B platform which also underpin the Clio V, the second-generation Nissan Juke and the European-spec Arkana.

Why Renault Captur discontinued?

Owing to flagging sales, Renault has discontinued its flagship SUV, the Captur; Duster takes over as the brand’s top-of-the-line product.

When did Renault Captur change shape?

The 2013 model was facelifted in 2017 and it brought some improvements in all areas. The long-Clio-on-stilts Captur took the B-Platform from the Renault-Nissan alliance and improved it with a better-looking bodywork.

How reliable is Renault Captur?

Industry safety experts, Euro NCAP, assessed the new Captur as providing the highest levels of safety and awarded it a five-star rating in 2019. Adult and child protection achieved excellent overall scores, with 96% and 83%, respectively, while pedestrian safety achieved a 74% result.

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What car is similar to Renault Captur?

The Suzuki Vitara is a similar size to the Captur. It’s good to drive, has a practical interior and is well equipped. Its CO2 emissions are quite high, though. The Kia Soul is spacious inside, well equipped and decent to drive.

What is the top spec Renault Captur?

The new top-of-the-range Renault Captur Signature trim has been revealed, adding extras such as part-leather seats, touchscreen infotainment and a rear parking camera to the small crossover model.

Does Renault Captur have reversing camera?

It comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration, a DAB radio and Bluetooth.

Does the Renault Captur have a timing belt or chain?

Every Renault Captur engine is cambelt-driven and this will need replacement every six years or 90,000 miles, which will cost around £420.

Is the Renault Captur a small car?

It means the Captur is a great compact family SUV, offering the kind of versatility you’ll need. It rides smoothly even on bumpy roads, too, and while it’s not the sharpest-handling small SUV, the Captur is easy to drive and park, helping it integrate seamlessly into daily life.

Where are Renault Captur cars made?

The Renault Captur is available in three variants, is classed as a SUV LIGHT and is built in Spain.

What is the difference between Renault Captur iconic and Dynamique?

Renault Captur prices and specification Iconic, which is £405 less than the previous Dynamique Nav version, includes climate control, seven-inch touchscreen multimedia navigation system, Bluetooth, automatic headlights and wipers, 17-inch alloy wheels and rear parking sensors.

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Is Captur bigger than Clio?

The new Captur sits on the same CMF-B platform as the latest Clio and it’s 110mm longer, 19mm wider and 17mm taller than the original model. The new platform and bigger dimensions have brought gains in passenger space and practicality, helping the Captur attract customers with growing families.

Who makes the Renault Captur?

Groupe Renault

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