Readers ask: What Wheels Fit Renault Clio?

What size wheels does a Renault Clio have?

The most popular sizes used regularly are: 185/65 R15. 195/55 R16. 205/45 R17.

Do Ford wheels fit Renault?

PCD for Renault is 100, Ford is 108 so no they won’t fit.

Will Vauxhall Corsa wheels fit a Renault Clio?

Registered. You will need spigot runs but they will fit.

Will Peugeot wheels fit Renault?

well most Renault 4 stud wheels are 4×100 pcd while most Peugeot fitments are 4×108. So no, they probably won’t fit.

What is the TYRE pressure for a Renault Clio?

This tyre placard recommends a minimum tyre pressure of 29psi for the 2018 Renault Clio RS hatchback. This is equal to 200kPa and 2.0 bar. This tyre pressure placard is located on the inside of the drivers door.

What Tyres do Renault recommend?

As for car tyres, Renault has used a few different tyre brands but they work most closely with Michelin tyres Renault tyres come in a broad range of tyre sizes, but some common options are 145/70 R13, 155/80 R13, 175/70 R13, 175/65 R14, 185/65 R14, 195/65 R15, 205/60 R15, 205/55 R16, 215/55 R16 and 215/70 R15.

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What rims will fit my car?

The two easiest ways are to check the sticker plate in your car, it should be located inside the driver side door, or look online for the vehicle specifications for your exact make and model. That should tell you the standard rim size.

Are all 4 stud wheels the same?

Not all 4 stud wheels are the same Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) although a 100 PCD is most common. Use this wheel suppliers site and key in each of the two cars and you’ll that Acura wheels should mount on the Rio.

Do all alloys fit all cars?

Every vehicle has a compatible rim width range (not a fixed width). The lower the offset is, the further out the alloy wheel will sit on the vehicle. The higher the offset is, then the further in the alloy wheel will sit on the vehicle. Every vehicle has a compatible offset range (not a fixed offset).

Will Saab wheels fit Vauxhall?

Bit late to the party here, but saab and vauxhall 5 stud alloys will definitely fit each other PCD and centre bore wise, but as for offset, there could possibly be issues in some cases, from vectra B onwards (1998?)for sure, it was GM’s “Epsilon” Platform.

Will Clio wheels fit a Kangoo?

Premium Member. I’ve seen a couple of Kangoo’s with those on recently,so yes they will.

Will rims from one car fit another?

Typically, you can swap your rim with the one from another vehicle. However, this depends on several factors such as the size (diameter and width), center bore, offset, and bolt pattern on the respective rims. Overall, both sides should have matching features.

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Do Vauxhall wheels fit seats?

Yes they will. You may need spigot rings depending on centre bore.

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