Readers ask: What Does Archie Notice About Renault While Watching Football Practice?

What happens to Jerry Renault at the first football tryout in the chocolate war?

The book begins as Jerry Renault is being beaten at a football tryout. He takes a beating on the field, tackled and smashed over and over, but the coach is impressed by Jerry’s will and asks him back the next day.

What event has Archie engineered How does he feel as he watches the football stands fill with students?

What event has Archie engineered? How does he feel as he watches the football stands fill with students? A fight between Jerry and Emile to be witnessed by the student body without teachers being present. Archie is impressed by his ability to shape the behavior of so many people.

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What happens when Archie draws from the black box?

Every time Archie creates an assignment, he has to draw a marble from the black box. If he draws the wrong marble, Archie will have to carry out the assignment himself.

What does Obie think of Archie?

Obie hates Archie and hates what he does to people, but he is not strong enough to speak out against Archie. Perhaps he is afraid, and simply wants to avoid the fallout that would result if he defied Archie or voiced his opinions against him.

Why does Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates?

Why does Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates? Initially Jerry refuses to sell the chocolates because The Vigils tell him too. After the ten days are up, something in him does not allow him to accept the chocolates.

How does Jerry feel after touchdown?

How does Jerry feel after the touchdown play? Jerry feels absulute bliss and happiness. Jerry is excited and happy when his football practice ends because he is happy that the coach is finally liking him.

Why does Obie feel triumphant?

What does Obie feel about triumphant? He realized that Archie is vulnerable when he said “asking” to Renault. Costello is scared when he uses that word (it damages his power).

What happens to Archie at the end of the vigils meeting?

He’s losing his authority. Abruptly, Archie ends the meeting, taking Carter by surprise. He hits his gavel on the table, and feels like he missed some important detail of the meeting. So, he hits the table with the gavel again.

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How does Archie feel about Brother Leon?

First he realizes that Brother Leon is sweating and nervous. When Archie sees this a bit of insight falls into place for him regarding Brother Leon and most adults – “they were vulnerable, running scared, open to invasion.”

What is ironic about how Archie sees Emile?

Terms in this set (9) What was the irony about Archie’s picture of Emile? There was no picture, Archie was simply taking advantage of a ridiculous situation.

Why does Goober plan to quit the football team?

Why does The Goober plan to quit the football team? He wants to quit because he’s mad about the things happening at Trinity.

What are the two kinds of people that Archie feels the world is made up of?

Archie has one of the most cynical worldviews we’ve ever seen. He thinks, “The world [is made up of two kinds of people – those who [are] victims and those who [are] victimized ” (15.41).

What is the relationship between Obie and Archie?

Obie is secretary of The Vigils. His main duty is to do whatever Archie wants him to, which includes keeping Archie stocked with Hershey’s chocolate. He practically worships Archie, and admires Archie’s deviousness.

Why is Obie against Archie selecting Jerry for an assignment?

Why does Archie choose Jerry for an assignment? How does Obie feel about Archie’s choice? Archie chooses Jerry because he seems stubborn and though. Obie feels Archie should leave Jerry alone because Coach will be tough on him and because his mother died recently.

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Why does Brother Leon tell Archie that he Leon will soon be acting headmaster?

Brother Leon is inordinately proud of his promotion to the position of Acting Headmaster, and relishes the power it gives him. A second reason behind his decision to reveal his ascendancy to Archie is arguably to boost his own ego by impressing a student whom he knows to be influential (Chapter 4).

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