Readers ask: How To Open Bonnet On Renault Megane 2004?

Does the Renault Zoe have a frunk?

Renault ZOE can take up to 17 banana boxes, which is comparable to larger-sized vehicles. The all-new Renault ZOE turns out to be quite roomy. According to Bjørn Nyland’s banana box test, the French subcompact is able to take up to 17 boxes when the rear seats are folded (six boxes in the trunk compartment).

What is under the bonnet of an electric car?

Electric cars use a larger version of a battery similar to the one in your phone, which is connected to an electric motor that turns the wheels. Electric cars need to be plugged in to charge the battery, unlike hybrid cars that have an engine under the bonnet that charges the battery using fuel.

What is under the hood of an electric car?

Electric vehicles have an on-board charger under the hood to convert alternating current (AC) charges to direct current (DC) charges.

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