Quick Answer: What Does Elf Mean On Renault?

What is Elf racing?

ELF’s competition products are a benchmark in the world of motorsport. In partnership with the Solaize research centre in France and the Total Lubrifiants production engineering teams, Total Additives and Special Fuels develops and markets the full range of ELF HTX lubricants throughout the world.

What is Elf fuel?

Elf Race 102 is unleaded fuel with lubricity additives to provide protection to engines which previously used leaded fuel. The fuel is high-octane with an octane number (RON) above 102 and oxygen of 3%.

What is Elf F1?

The Tyrrell P34 (Project 34), commonly known as the “six-wheeler”, was a Formula One (F1) race car designed by Derek Gardner, Tyrrell’s chief designer.

What is a female elf called?

Being a child of the Victorian age, he assumes male as the default: male elves are always referred to as just ‘the Elf’, while female elves are distinguished as ‘ the Elf-lady’ (Galadriel) or ‘an Elven-maid’ (Nimrodel).

Is Elf and Total the same?

ELF is a brand of TOTAL, the world’s 5th international oil company, which is present in 150 countries. Very strong brand awareness among automobile experts wherever the brand is available. Buying an ELF product means having the assurance and reliability of an established brand.

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What does Elf stand for?

Cosmetics. The Oakland-based company (whose name stands for Eyes, Lips, Face, in case you were wondering) was founded in 2004 by two beauty obsessives who wanted to create affordable makeup after they noticed that there were often expensive cars parked outside of 99-cent makeup stores.

Is Elf oil any good?

Elf have a very good reputation amongst some in the racing world. Its a quality product. Just make sure that is the price for the Long Life Variant they make Sport 9 C3 in both regular and long life variants. Price looks a bit cheap for long life version but if it is that go for it.

What happened Elf f1?

46 years of presence in Formula 1 In 2000, ELF merged with Total which is now the fifth largest oil company in the world and an expert in lubricants.

Is Elf makeup a French brand?

e.l.f. Cosmetics is an American cosmetics brand based in Oakland, California. It was founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004.

Why did the elf F1 car have 6 wheels?

The idea was simple: Instead of having just four wheels on a race car, designer Derek Gardner thought, six would be way better. It was a strange idea, but Elf Tyrrell Racing was willing to try it. The smaller wheels also made for better aerodynamics. The P34 wasn’t the only six-wheeled F1 car of the era.

Who drove the 6 wheel Tyrrell?

Ronnie Peterson, who drove the car in 1977, could never get on with the six-wheeler either, but Depailler, who is routinely credited as being a major driving force for the project and scored eight podiums with the car over two years, was a much bigger fan, revelling in its ‘pointy’ oversteer characteristics.

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Who bought Brabham F1?

British businessman Bernie Ecclestone owned Brabham during most of the 1970s and 1980s, and later became responsible for administering the commercial aspects of Formula One. Ecclestone sold the team in 1988.

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