Quick Answer: What Chapter Does Jerry Renault Mention He Is Catholic?

What is Jerry doing in Chapter 1?

Chapter 1. The book begins as Jerry Renault is being beaten at a football tryout. He takes a beating on the field, tackled and smashed over and over, but the coach is impressed by Jerry’s will and asks him back the next day.

What happens in Chapter 24 of The Chocolate War?

Chapter 24 The confrontation between Brother Leon and Archie finally takes place. Leon yells at Archie, telling him that the sale is failing, and that Archie is not doing a very good job promoting the sale. Leon was $20,000 in the hole, and needed at least that much to break even on the sale.

What does Jerry find in his locker at the end of Chapter 12?

Jerry is on a high the rest of the practice—when he returns to school, however, he finds a summons from the Vigils taped to his locker: he has been selected to carry out an assignment.

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What is the title of Robert Cormier’s novel about a boy who does not participate in a fund raising campaign organized by his school?

The plot for The Chocolate War was inspired by an event in Cormier’s own life. When his son decided, without repercussion, not to sell chocolates in his school’s annual sale, Cormier asked himself, “What if?” This question, he has declared, is the spark for all his writing.

Why is Jerry Cruncher important?

Overview. Jeremiah “Jerry” Cruncher is employed as a porter for Tellson’s Bank of London. He earns extra money as a resurrection man removing bodies from their graves for sale to medical schools and students as cadavers.

What kind of relationship do Jerry and his father have?

Jerry also has an adversarial relationship with his father-in-law, Rick and he often competes with the latter for the admiration of his family.

What advice does Jerry give the goober?

The Goober asks Jerry to accept the chocolates. Jerry asks The Goober to stay on the team. The Goober says, ” I’m not giving anything more to Trinity. Not football, not running, not anything ” (23.41).

What is so important that Jerry has to tell goober?

Jerry tells the Goober what he has realized—that it is best to just do what they ask and not to disturb the universe.

Why does Brother Leon call Archie?

By Robert Cormier. Brother Leon has Archie on the phone, and he’s telling Archie that there is a big problem with the chocolate sale, and it’s Archie’s fault. Archie isn’t doing a good job of motivating people to sell. Archie thinks about the interesting conversation he had with Brian Cochran earlier today.

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How does Jerry feel after touchdown?

How does Jerry feel after the touchdown play? Jerry feels absulute bliss and happiness. Jerry is excited and happy when his football practice ends because he is happy that the coach is finally liking him.

How does Goober feel at the beginning of Chapter 13 Why?

Chapter 13 Jerry still refuses. Goober is shocked—he, like everyone else, agreed to sell the chocolates. Cormier describes Goober as depressed after the collapse of Room Nineteen, even though he had become a kind of underground hero in school.

What happened to Jerry’s mother?

Jerry’s mother left home and died. His father died soon after. He was raised by an aunt.

How does Archie feel about Brother Leon?

First he realizes that Brother Leon is sweating and nervous. When Archie sees this a bit of insight falls into place for him regarding Brother Leon and most adults – “they were vulnerable, running scared, open to invasion.”

Why is The Chocolate War banned?

According to the American Library Association, The Chocolate War has frequently been banned and challenged in the United States due to concerns about the book’s sexual content, offensive language, religious viewpoint and violence.

What is the rottenness that exists at Trinity?

What is the overriding feeling in Trinity school? What is the “rottenness” that some characters detect? Possible Answer: There is a vein of evil running through the school that stems both from The Vigils and from the administration – namely Brother Leon.

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