Quick Answer: How To Reset The Trip Computer On Renault Megane?

How do you RESET the trip meter?

Reset the trip meter using the left-hand stalk switch. Reset all information in trip meter TM (i.e. mileage, average consumption, average speed and driving time) with a long press on the RESET button on the left-hand stalk switch. A short press on the RESET button resets only the mileage.

Where is the trip odometer RESET button?

Reset all information in trip odometer TM (i.e. mileage, average fuel consumption, average speed and driving time) by pressing and holding the RESET button on the left-hand steering wheel lever. Pressing the RESET button only resets the distance driven.

How do I RESET the trip computer on my Renault Clio?

With one of the trip parameters selected as the display, press and hold the 4 switch “OK” until the display resets to zero. Resetting occurs automatically when the maximum value of any of the parameters is exceeded.

What is Trip A and Trip B in odometer?

Trip A and B are for measuring distance. You can reset them to Zero usually with a trip meter button, usually its the only button on your instrument cluster. eg Trip A might measure how far you travel on one tank of fuel. Trip B might measure distance between oil changes.

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How can I find out how many miles my car has?

The odometer gauge accurately shows how many miles are on a car but has other uses too such as calculating fuel mileage and distances traveled in a certain time frame. To calculate accurate fuel mileage simply record the mileage reading when you fill up with fuel and then again when you next fill up.

Why does my car say TRIP A?

That is the part of the odometer called the Trip Odometer. There should be a button you can push to cycle through the different settings very near the reading, usually in the dash. You can usually press and hold the button to allow for a reset.

What is Trip A in a car?

A trip computer is a computer fitted to some cars; most modern trip computers record, calculate, and display the distance travelled, the average speed, the average fuel consumption, and real-time fuel consumption.

How do I check the mileage on my Renault Megane?

Re: Megane 2 – Check Mileage To turn on the ignition without attempting to start the engine press the ‘start/stop’ button 5 times (I think) without pressing clutch or brake pedal. You should then be able to scroll through the trip computer to the mileage.

How do you read the mileage on a Renault Captur?

It will display ‘miles’ to the right of the display. A larger figure on top, which is the total accumulated mileage. Then a smaller figure at the bottom, which is your last trip.

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