Quick Answer: How To Install Aux Cable In Renault Clio?

Where is the aux in a Renault Clio 2010?

It will say so on the front panel, bottom right.

How do I install AUX in my car?

Use an RCA-aux cable/adapter If your stereo has RCA inputs (check its back), the installation of aux input gets pretty simple. All you need is a readymade adapter cable. Plug its two RCA input jacks in the stereo, and use its 3.5mm pin as your aux input.

How do I play music from my phone on my Renault Clio?


  1. Turn on the Renault Easy Link system.
  2. Tap the ‘phone’ widget.
  3. Tap ‘OK’ to add a new device.
  4. Select the device you wish to connect from the list.
  5. Navigate to your devices Bluetooth settings and tap ‘RENAULT’ from the list.
  6. When prompted, tap ‘PAIR’.
  7. Tap ‘OK’ to accept the connection of the new device.
  8. That’s it!

Can I install an AUX plug in my car?

Installing an aux-in port is a simple job the average do-it-yourself home mechanic can accomplish with professional looking results in an afternoon. There are many different ways to add aux-in functionality to any car, truck, boat, or whatever else you drive. Even motorcycles can be set up with aux-in playability.

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How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Renault Clio?

Connecting your Android smartphone to the radio:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your Android smartphone.
  2. On the radio, press “Phone”, then select “Pair phone”.
  3. On your smartphone, go to “Settings” then “Bluetooth” and run a device search.

What is AUX cable?

Aux cables are small, slim wires used to transfer sound. You can also use them to connect your devices to an amp, home theatre system or computer speakers and enjoy flawless music at home or in yours.

How can I add an AUX cord to my car without AUX?

FM Transmitter — Under $20 An FM transmitter plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and connects to your device via an aux cord or Bluetooth. The transmitter broadcasts what’s playing from your phone over a short FM frequency to which you tune your car’s radio and receive.

How much does it cost to install AUX IN car?

Most AUX port solutions cost between $30 for a Do-It-Yourself install and low-end AUX adapters, while premium music listening is achieved for about $200 with a professional install and wired AUX options – far cheaper than upgrading to a vehicle with all the bells and whistles!

How do you change the radio in a Renault Clio?

Try to: Press the 1 button repeatedly to display the first number Press the 2 button repeatedly to display the second number Press the 3 button repeatedly to display the third digit Press the 4 button repeatedly to display the fourth digit number Press and hold the Preset 6 (or 5) button to save your code.

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How do I get the radio code for my Renault Clio?

Download the MY Renault app

  1. Log into your MY Renault account.
  2. Click on “Vehicle details” and then scroll down the information section to view “Radio Code”
  3. Click on “Reveal Radio Code”

Can you install an aux cord in an old car?

Auxiliary ports have almost become a standard feature for newer car stereos, but many older stereos don’t include one. If your car stereo doesn’t include an auxiliary port, you can skip the car audio shop and add your own.

Can you put an AUX cord in a cigarette lighter?

Therefore, a cigarette lighter cannot handle a connection from an auxiliary, or AUX, cord and play music through the speakers of your vehicle. But, you can use an AUX cord to play music through your cigarette lighter if it is connected to a car charger that also has some kind of radio transmitter.

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