Often asked: What Lessons In Life Does Jerry Renault Learn?

What was Jerry’s assignment in the chocolate war?

Jerry gets called to carry out an assignment and he is to refuse selling chocolates at the annual school chocolate sale. Archie gives him this assignment despite the fact that Archie told Brother Leon, the teacher in charge of the sale, that he and The Vigils would support the sale and make sure it is a success.

What is Jerry doing in Chapter 1?

Chapter 1. The book begins as Jerry Renault is being beaten at a football tryout. He takes a beating on the field, tackled and smashed over and over, but the coach is impressed by Jerry’s will and asks him back the next day.

How is Jerry Renault characterized in this chapter?

So far what has been revealed about Jerry Renault’s personality in the first nine chapters of The Chocolate War? Jerry is a shy person, but is motivated and detirmind to do better. Jerry is a conformist, (he follows the rules and does what everyone else does) He is still grieving the loss of his mother.

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Why does Jerry not sell the chocolates?

Why does Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates? Initially Jerry refuses to sell the chocolates because The Vigils tell him too. After the ten days are up, something in him does not allow him to accept the chocolates.

What happened to Jerry at school after the beating?

What happened to Jerry at the end of the story? Jerry may have a jaw fracture and internal injuries. He could get X-rays, and he was carried away in an ambulance.

WHO calls Jerry a square Boy In The Chocolate War?

A hippie accuses Jerry of staring at him. The hippie calls Jerry, “Square boy. Middle-aged at fourteen, fifteen Already caught in a routine.” Jerry looks at the advertising placards on the bus where someone has written Why? and someone added Why not?

What is Jerry Cruncher’s job?

Jeremiah “Jerry” Cruncher is employed as a porter for Tellson’s Bank of London. He earns extra money as a resurrection man removing bodies from their graves for sale to medical schools and students as cadavers.

What does Aggerawayter mean?

Mr. Cruncher’s name for his wife, “Aggerawayter,” is probably his version of “ Aggravator,” since he believes that her “flopping” – her praying – has been interfering with his business as an “honest tradesman.”

Why is Jerry Cruncher angry at his wife?

Many of the funniest moments of the novel are the conversations Jerry has with himself. Dickens uses Jerry Cruncher for dark comedy too. Jerry beats his wife against the wall because she is praying, or “flopping” as Jerry calls it, for him (Dickens chapter 14).

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Who are the vigils?

The Vigils is the secret organization at Trinity high school. Everybody actually knows about it, but they pretend not to. Other than Carter, Archie, and Obie, we don’t meet the members.

Who is the leader of the vigils?

Archie is the leader of The Vigils.

How does Archie feel about Brother Leon?

First he realizes that Brother Leon is sweating and nervous. When Archie sees this a bit of insight falls into place for him regarding Brother Leon and most adults – “they were vulnerable, running scared, open to invasion.”

Why does Brother Leon blame Archie?

This made everyone outraged, even Brother Leon and the Vigils. Why does Brother Leon telephone Archie? He’s telling Archie that there is a big problem with the chocolate sale, and it’s Archie’s fault. Archie isn’t doing a good job of motivating people to sell.

What is so important that Jerry has to tell goober?

Jerry tells the Goober what he has realized—that it is best to just do what they ask and not to disturb the universe.

How does Brother Leon threaten Archie?

Leon suggests that The Vigils make Jerry sell his chocolates, and “throw their full weight behind the sale.” Leon threatens Archie and says, ” if the sale goes down the drain, you and The Vigils also go down the drain. “

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