Often asked: What Is The New Renault Cars Look Like?

What is the new Renault called?

The new Renault Arkana is a stylish-looking coupe-SUV, but the French manufacturer’s other SUVs outshine it. The Renault Arkana succeeds in many ways for its small niche as a coupe-SUV without a premium price tag – and there are plenty of attractive finance offers that mean it’s pretty good value for money in some ways

Which is the best car of Renault?

Best Mileage Cars

  • 1. Renault Kwid. 4.07 – 5.51 Lakh | 25 kmpl. Ex-Showroom Price. Renault Kwid RXE 0.8.
  • 2. Renault Kiger. 5.64 – 10.09 Lakh | 20 kmpl. Ex-Showroom Price. Renault Kiger RXE MT.
  • 3. Renault Triber. 5.49 – 7.95 Lakh | 19 kmpl. Ex-Showroom Price.
  • 4. Renault Duster. 9.84 – 14.25 Lakh | 17 kmpl. Ex-Showroom Price.

Are Renault still making cars?

The model remains available to order on Renault’s website, but production of UK models will cease at the end of this month. A spokesman told Autocar the decision is “due to commercial reasons that align with Renault UK’s policy of offering the most suitable vehicles in the UK market for our customers”.

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How much will Renault Arkana cost?

The new Renault Arkana is on sale in the UK now. Prices start from £25,300, which means the French brand’s new offering undercuts the likes of the Mercedes GLC Coupe and BMW X4 by around £20,000. First deliveries are expected to arrive in September.

Is Renault Arkana a good car?

Both had strong scores for reliability and build quality. As a manufacturer, Renault itself came 20th out of 29 manufacturers. While this isn’t as impressive, the fact its newer models are performing well is a good sign. The Clio, Captur and Arkana all represent a big step forward in terms of interior fit and finish.

Is the Renault Captur a small car?

It means the Captur is a great compact family SUV, offering the kind of versatility you’ll need. It rides smoothly even on bumpy roads, too, and while it’s not the sharpest-handling small SUV, the Captur is easy to drive and park, helping it integrate seamlessly into daily life.

Why is Renault so cheap?

Because Renault are popular and also quite common cars, it means that their parts are more common and therefore take less time to source. They are also more affordable and therefore this keeps the repair costs low.

Which is the cheapest car in Renault?

Renault car price starts at Rs 4.07 Lakh for the cheapest model which is Kwid and the price of most expensive model, which is Duster starts at Rs 9.84 Lakh.

Why Renault triber is so cheap?

That’s either because of the suspension or the ride quality. The Triber, which sits between the Kwid and the Duster in the Renault portfolio, is an affordable option for those who have their sights set on a multipurpose vehicle and want to get something different from, say, a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

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Why is Renault not sold in the US?

Renault’s presence in the U.S. market ended in 1992 when its rebadged Eagle Premier model was dropped by Chrysler. Today, Renault and Nissan are in a strategic alliance with the latter likely keeping the former from ever showing up stateside again.

Who owns Nissan now?

Renault Arkana does not have a sunroof.

Where is the Renault Arkana built?

It’s built in a different factory to the Russian car, in South Korea. Intriguingly, though, the European Arkana is based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s CMF-B platform.

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