Often asked: Is Renault Captur 7 Seater?

Is Renault Captur a good family car?

Renaults Captur is a small family car which looks like an SUV and has a higher seating position than the standard hatchback. Prices start at under €20,000 new, meaning it is within budget for most families, and makes a neat ‘second’ car for some, too.

Is Renault Captur a roomy?

The Renault Captur looks great, has a spacious, high-quality cabin and a big boot. Its infotainment is frustrating, though, and there are more comfortable small SUVs.

Is the Renault Captur a small car?

The panel of expert judges focussed on its punch, giving ample performance, as well as the level of refinement, matching Renault’s latest products. It’s Captur’s space and flexibility that make it a ” great small SUV and an Auto Express Award-winner”.

Why did Renault Captur fail?

Renault discontinues Captur SUV in India The Captur failed to capture the Indian SUV buyer and sold just 6,618 units from November 2017 to end-March 2020. BS 6 norms saw Renault India abandon diesel engines entirely, thus removing one of the Captur’s few strengths.

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Is Renault Captur reliable?

Is a used Renault Captur hatchback reliable? The Captur didn’t feature in our most recent reliability survey. In the previous one, it finished in a rather disappointing 14th place in the table of small SUVs. In the same survey, Renault as a brand finished in 30th place out of 31 manufacturers.

What car is similar to Renault Captur?

The Suzuki Vitara is a similar size to the Captur. It’s good to drive, has a practical interior and is well equipped. Its CO2 emissions are quite high, though. The Kia Soul is spacious inside, well equipped and decent to drive.

What happened to Renault Captur?

Renault has quietly pulled the Captur off its shelves and marked the end of the road for its flagship product in India. The new norms saw Renault India abandon diesel engines entirely, thus removing one of the SUV’s few strengths.

Is the Renault Captur a SUV?

The second-generation Renault Captur has a big job on its hands because, alongside the Nissan Juke, the original popularised the crossover class. In fact, there are noticeable improvements in every department, so that the Captur remains one of the best, and most sensible, small SUVs to buy.

Does Renault Captur have cruise control?

Press switch 1 side . Indicator light 6 comes on, lit green, and the message “ CRUISE CONTROL ” appears on the instrument panel, accompanied by dashes to indicate that the cruise control function is activated and waiting to store a cruising speed.

Which Renault Captur is top of the range?

At the top of the range in performance terms is the TCe 155. This engine is only available with a seven-speed automatic gearbox, which promises 152hp and claims to emit 142g/km of CO2. Top speed is the highest of all the new Capturs (126mph) and 0 to 62mph takes 8.6 seconds.

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What is the difference between Renault Captur iconic and Dynamique?

Renault Captur prices and specification Iconic, which is £405 less than the previous Dynamique Nav version, includes climate control, seven-inch touchscreen multimedia navigation system, Bluetooth, automatic headlights and wipers, 17-inch alloy wheels and rear parking sensors.

Does Renault Captur come with a sunroof?

More luxurious and refined interior and new range-topping Signature S version. More connected, R-Link compatible with Android Auto™ smartphone replication. Front parking sensors, Blind Spot Warning, Hands free parking and fixed panoramic sunroof now available.

Does Renault Captur have reversing camera?

It comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration, a DAB radio and Bluetooth.

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