Often asked: How To Reset Renault Clio Computer?

How do I reset my Renault Clio 2?

Depress & hold the odometer reset button. Switch the ignition key to position 2, do not start the engine. After 30 seconds release the odometer reset button. Switch OFF the ignition.

What does SERV light mean on Renault Clio?

The serv light is only activated on Renault Clio 4: So when the serv indicator light is activated alone on your console, this is usually caused by a bad contact at the level of the airbag electrical circuit connections. located under the passenger seat.

How do I turn my service light off?

Start with the ignition turned ON (position 2), but with the engine OFF. Pull out and hold the button on the right side of the display until “SERVICE” appears on the display. Release the button on the right, then within 5 seconds pull the button out and hold it again.

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