How To Turn Off Auto Lights On Renault Megane?

How do you turn on the automatic lights on a Renault Clio?

To activate automatic main beam headlights: turn the ring 2 until the AUTO symbol appears opposite the 3 mark and push the stalk 1. The  warning light is illuminated on the instrument panel.

What does the fog light symbol look like?

The symbol you’re looking for is a lamp pointing to the left plus a wavy line with three lines through it – these are your front fog lights. When you turn on your rear fog lights a lamp pointing to the right plus a wavy line with three lines through it will appear on your dashboard.

How do you turn on the fog lights on a 2008 Renault Clio?

Turn centre ring 4 on the stalk 1 until the symbol faces mark 5, then release it. Operation of the fog lights depends on the exterior lighting position selected, and an indicator light will light up on the instrument panel.

How do you turn on automatic headlights?

If the car is equipped with automatic headlights, then the head light switch will have an AUTO setting on the switch. If this setting is located on your light switch, then all you have to do is put the switch in this setting and the headlights will come on and go off automatically.

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What do the lights on my dashboard mean Renault Clio?

The colour in which the dashboard warning light illuminates details the severity of the issues. Red will usually suggest an urgent warning that requires immediate attention. Orange warning lights indicate a less urgent issue like a service is due for example.

How do I turn on my fog lights in my car?

In most cars, they can be switched on using the same stalk as the headlights, or by a button on the dashboard. The symbol for fog lights can be seen on the rectangular switch in the picture above. If the wavy line is to the left of the lamp graphic, those are your front fog lights.

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