FAQ: How To Use Renault Clio Tomtom?

How do I update my Renault Clio TomTom?

To update your Carminat, follow these steps:

  1. From the Main Menu on your Carminat TomTom, select Remove SD card.
  2. Wait until the message You can now safely remove your SD card is displayed.
  3. Remove the SD card from your Carminat TomTom.
  4. Insert the SD card into the card reader connected to your computer.

How do I update the maps on my Renault Clio?

To update your map, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a USB key to your navigation device and save its navigation data.
  2. Download the Toolbox to your computer and insert the USB drive.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to update your map.
  4. Re-insert the USB drive into your navigation device and upload the data.

Can I update my old TomTom for free?

In most cases, you cannot update your TomTom’s maps for free; you will need to purchase those updates. If your device is eligible, these updates will be offered to you when you connect your device to the computer and launch the TomTom software.

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Can you download TomTom maps for free?

If you own a TomTom device, you can take advantage of TomTom updates free download options by installing the TomTom software and connecting your device, at which point you’ll get any free map updates, as well as updates provided by other device owners.

How do I connect my remote to my TomTom Clio?

Connecting the remote control to the GO

  1. Switch on your TomTom navigation device.
  2. Make sure Bluetoooth is enabled on your device: Tap Change preferences > Bluetooth® preferences and then select Enable Bluetooth®.
  3. Insert the batteries into your remote control.
  4. Your remote control starts searching for your GO.
  5. Tap YES.

How do I connect my TomTom to Renault Scenic?


  1. Start the car and switch on your navigation module.
  2. Wait for the navigation screen to appear.
  3. Insert the new memory card into your navigation module.
  4. Wait for a few seconds so that the card can be initialised by your navigation module.

How do I reset my Renault Tom Tom?

Scroll to the right of the screen and select the Settings button. Scroll to the right of this menu and select System. In the System menu, select Reset. For TomTom GO Discover/ GO Expert, select Reset device.

How do I get my TomTom to work?

To reset your TomTom device, do the following:

  1. Check that the battery is charged properly. Charge your device for at least 2 hours before trying to turn it on again.
  2. Remove the SD card. If your device uses an SD card, remove it.
  3. Reset your device.
  4. Turn your device on.
  5. Insert the SD card.
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Does TomTom One have Bluetooth?

Using TomTom ONE you can always know about traffic problems on your route. Note: You must establish a Bluetooth connection between your TomTom ONE and your mobile phone before you can use TomTom Traffic.

Are Renault map updates free?

Travel with peace of mind: map updates are free of charge for 3 years following the purchase of your vehicle. Check here if map updates are available for your multimedia system. Got a question about your multimedia system?

How do I update Renault software?

From your computer, connect to your “MY Renault” account and download the Renault CONNECT Toolbox software, then enter the VIN to update. The Renault CONNECT Toolbox software shows the type of updates possible: – “Update complete”; – “Update available by country”.

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