John Price's successful career in motorsport began in 1965 when he started circuit racing in a Mini Cooper 5. In 1968 he entered his first rally in a 1300 Escort GT and won, so he decided to pursue in this field of motorsport. In the following years he used many different makes of car including the Renault Alpine A110, Renault 17 TS and Simca 1000 Rallye.
Porsche 911

In 1975 John decided to take his motorsport career a step further and started his own business - John Price Rallying.
John Continued Rallying in a Porsche 911 and in 1981 he built and ran his first Renault 5 Turbo I.

Renault Alpine 110

The business continued throughout the 80s, servicing, maintaining and building customer's Renault 5 Turbo I and II's. 1986 saw John Price Rallying build the first of his Metro 6R4s and since then has and continues to build many more.

Renault 5 Maxi Turbo

John Price continues to dominate tarmac rallying in Britain after competing in over 800 events. The year 2005 season has been especially successful as John claimed his record-breaking 12th National Tarmac Championship.

Metro 6R4

These are some of John's antics on his way to winning his 12th championship:

Below is a photo taken on location where the Maxi 5 Turbo was recorded for use in a Playstation rallying game

on location where R5 Maxi sound sample used for Playstation

car used for sound sample